Logo Design

Logo design and iteration for the Youtube channel "Next Bit Project".

Choreography and video production

I was responsible for the choreography, concept and video editing.

Global Game Jam 2020

I participated in the Global Game Jam 2020 in Stuttgart and was
responsible for the concept, design and animation of the character.
As well as some of the assets and the UI.

Check out the game here:


Wire Wrapping and Cosplay

I made this cosplay myself (except for the base corsage).
Also I am into wire wrapping and like making accessoires or decoration.

Late Night at SunSpirou's

A demo released at the Nordlicht Demoparty 2018.
I made all the graphics and helped out with the story a bit.
Check out the full demo in your browser:


Motion Detector with Arduino and Ionic

In this project I build a Motion Detector with an ESP8266, a single addressable LED-Strip
and a PIR Motion Sensor Mini. The code was written in Arduino. When the PIR detects motion,
the LED-Strip turns on and the information about the motion is send to a mobile application.

It is possible to change the color and brightness of the LED-Strip with it.
(It is also possible to play a very simple version of Pong with it)

The application was made with the Ionic-Framework. The data was beeing transferred via Google Firebase.

Invitation Movie

This is an invitation movie made by a team of three people
(for visual coding, graphics and music).
I made the camera model geometry in Cinema4D (1:42).

4-kilobyte procedural graphics

The original graphics, that I made in Inkscape were compressed down to 4 kilobytes.
Click on the thumbnails to download the exe-files and watch in realtime.