Tangram Bulls Eye

This is a version of Tangram in which the players play against each other. They have to arrange the Tangram stones as shown on their cards, as fast as possible. I did create the graphics on the cards.
Check out the game here: Tangram Bulls Eye

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Dream of Tomorrow

A point and click adventrue against bullying.

"Accompany Lena, a young creative student on her adventure – solve tricky puzzles, experience funny situations and confront mean bullies! Hardly a day goes by where Lena is not bullied in some way. Why? Because she is not like the others."

The game is still in development, however you can already check it out on Steam

I am mostly responsible for the design and lineart of the background graphics

ZLORP - Global Game Jam 2020

This game was developed at the Global Game Jam 2020 in Stuttgart. It is a game about Captain Zlorp who needs to fix his ship with the help of his most caring AI, before the next enemy wave arrives.
I was responsible for the protagonist's design and animation and helped out with some of the assets and project management.
Check out the game here: ZLORP

The animation sheet for the protagonist.

Inside the ship.

A wave of potato meteors is attacking.

V2 Bachelor's Thesis

For my bachelor's thesis I planned and partly developed an explorationgame in Unity.


The game is about a girl who explores a forest with different areas. Each area has it's own atmosphere and colorscheme. During the game the player meets mirrors that are spread though the world. Every time the girl looks into the mirror, her

reflection becomes more old and destroyed. Shortly before the end of the map the player finds himself walking into a dark scary canyon. At a certain point the girl falls on her knees and the player gets the decision if he want to stop playing. The game closes if he agrees to stop. If he declines he will be able to go through the canyon. Behind the canyon lies a large colorful area with a wide lake and lots of flowers. The last mirror waits for the girl to look into it. If she does, she looks completely normal.


I made all the graphics and models in Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Mudbox and Maya. There are particle systems implemented as well as some shaders that were made with Unity's Shader Graph.
For project management I used the online tool hack'n'plan, which is a PM tool specifically made for game development.

Concept art and ideas of the assets in the game.

The last area with the water shader made with Unity's Shader Graph.

The workflow of the character. Made in Mudbox, Maya and Substance Painter.

Some impressions of the ingame world