Game Updates

For my bachelors thesis I made a prototype for a videogame.

I will continue working on it and going to post some
pictures and work stages in here from time to time.

Tools I am working with: Maya, Mudbox, Unity3D,
Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Substance Painter


Implemented some particles for creating movement and
a more natural and alive feeling of the forest area.

current asset collection

Environment Improvement

Gravestone Asset

Asset for the graveyard I am going to implement. I finally found out how to do proper UV Maps.
Also I really love working with Substance Painter. It is so much fun and makes texturing easy.

Ruins Concept Art

A small concept sketch to help me visualize some of the assets I need.


The mirror reflection is working! I used a camera
texture with the camera set to the character model.

Current assets

The assets I made for creating the first test version of the game.

Rough Level Design

This was a very hard one to begin with. I have never tried to design or just sketch a Leveldesign.
I tried to think of some elements I want to implement, like Flowers or Animals and how to put them
into an interesting level. The simple design really helped me thinking about how long the duration
of the levels should be and how the atmosphere change with the setting.

Character expressions

Some expressions of the main character. It was so much fun rigging and animating it.
Allthough the rigging part was quite creepy, since the weights didn't always
behave like expected.

Character evolution

The evolution of the main character. I started with a very rough version for coding the
most important mechanics in Unity (walking, interacting, etc). For the first testversion
I wanted a more detailled model though, since the game will be about her.

I used Maya for everything except the sculpt. I sculpted the face in Mudbox for having
an easy way to shape her face and implemented it in Maya.


A small storyboard for the first area of the game.