About me

Hello there,
thank you for checking out my website. Let me
tell you some things about myself and my work.

I studied media- and interaction design, which is basically a mixture
of graphics design, coding and usability. During the study I worked
continuously on projects with companies (like Emsa or ZF Friedrichshafen),
organized teams and worked on design solutions for corporate designs
and web applications.

Since I am interested in the gaming industry, I started working as a
3D product artist and character artist/animator for small companies.

Besides I love working on my own projects and am active as a hobbyist
illustrator, conceptual artist, dancer and choreographer.

Want to know more?
Feel free to check out my website or contact
me via mail, deviantart, twitter or linkedIn.

runamarold (at)

Languages: German, English, Basic Korean