Motion Detector with Arduino and Ionic

In this project I build a Motion Detector with an ESP8266, a single addressable LED-Strip
and a PIR Motion Sensor Mini. The code was written in Arduino. When the PIR detects motion,
the LED-Strip turns on and the information about the motion is send to a mobile application.
It is possible to change the color and brightness of the LED-Strip with it.
The application was made with the Ionic-Framework. The data was beeing transferred via Google Firebase.

Invitation Movie

This is an invitation movie made by a team of three people
(for visual coding, graphics and music).
I made the camera model geometry in Cinema4D (1:42).

4-kilobyte procedural graphics

The original graphics, that I made in Inkscape were compressed down to 4 kilobytes.
Click on the thumbnails to download the exe-files and watch in realtime.